"Bushintai-Do is a great program, and the online modules are really quite wonderful. It is not only cost effective; it also works. It became an integral part of our learning environment, and had benefits on numerous levels. Mr. Quinlan is a fantastic teacher. He truly understands the physical and emotional development of students which is reflected in the nature of his lessons and in his interactions with students. Bushintai-Do should be more than considered; it should become an integral part of your curriculum."

Brian Kravitz, M.Ed.
Georgia Middle School
Georgia, VT


Welcome to Brain Breaks from Bushintai-Do Programs, a free resource for teachers!

Our Brain Break videos are virtual workout sessions with master martial artist and long-time Vermont educator, David Quinlan, and are conveniently arranged in beginner, moderate and advanced exertion levels. Play the Brain Breaks as one continuous 25-minute workout session or integrate individual videos into your classroom for 3 to 5 minute movement breaks. Just complete the account registration--no need to enroll in a Belt Program!

Terms and Conditions
1. I accept and understand the risks of injury inherent in any exercise or physical activity program. As a condition of my participation in the Bushiintai-Do for the Classroom physical activity program, I freely accept and voluntarily assume the risk of injury to participants and hereby release Bushintai-Do, Inc., its owners, employees, representatives and agents from any and all claims, costs, liability for personal injury or loss resulting from negligence and from my participation in the program, accepting myself the full responsibility for any and all such damage or injury of any kind which may result.

2. I hereby acknowledge that this release constitutes a binding promise and covenant on my part to fully discharge Bushintai-Do, Inc., its owners, employees, representatives, and agents, from any and all injuries or loss resulting from my participation.

3. I fully certify that I am 18 years old or older.

To use these videos safely and effectively in a classroom, we recommend the following:

Safe Surroundings
  • Spacing should be comfortable and safe. If too constricted, practice in 2 shifts.
  • Move furniture as needed. Have this become part of your classroom routine and practice it with your students so it becomes automatic.
  • Use classroom arrangements that allow for an activity space. Bonus: You and your students may find new and creative ways to use this open space for other events other than classroom-based physical activity.
Safe Pacing
  • In physical training, only bad things happen quickly. Positive results take time. Negative results--injury, overexertion, frustration, intimidation--can occur without proper pacing.
  • Take time to learn proper form for each exercise. Each video explains this, but we encourage you to watch closely and break down the movements even further. While pushups and jumping jacks are common exercises, many students benefit from specific instruction about how to move.
  • Take breaks as needed. Unless students are wearing heart rate monitors, it is difficult to tell whether or not a student is tired. It is very easy to under estimate a student’s physical exertion.
  • Learn to monitor pulse rates, and learn recommended ranges.
  • Make it fun or connect it to a class goal or project. Teach students about the relationship between physical activity and brain activity.
Teacher Modeling
  • Important: Just do it! Teachers do NOT need to be a fitness instructor--that is Sensei Quinlan’s job--but research shows that when educators model a positive attitude about physical activity and participate in physical activity alongside their students, buy-in is much greater and a sense of community is fostered.

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