A Warrior

"A warrior is strong...
Working, pushing, and helping...
One step, two step, three step, four
High block, low block, medium and more,
The feeling I get each step I make and
move I take...
the hot sweat dripping off my face.
It makes each life goal plainly based,
based on dreams, hopes and faith.
All to believe in myself to what I want
and what it is I need."

Brandy, age 14


 The History of Bushintai-Do
Bushintai-Do Founder David Quinlan has been a Martial Arts Instructor since 1984. Throughout the years of teaching martial arts to school-aged children, he saw the benefits it could provide them. Parents often reported that their children were more confident and well-behaved, and showed improved academic performance, sometimes after only months in his program. He began to approach public schools, hoping to bring the benefits of martial arts training to more children. After perceiving concerns on the part of school teachers and administrators about the safety of these disciplines, he developed the martial art, Bushintai-Do.

Drawing from the purely defensive aspects of the traditional martial arts, Bushintai-Do is a complete martial arts system in itself. It offers self-defense techniques, pre-arranged routines (forms), a comprehensive fitness program, a positive philosophical foundation, and the integration of mind and body development. It brings the action and excitement of the martial arts to children and adolescents, but is safe for all students to learn and practice.

David Quinlan has taught Bushintai-Do in the Winooski, Vermont school district since 2002, the Colchester, Vermont school district since 2003, and the Georgia, Vermont School district since 2011.

A Classroom-Based Movement Program
Bushintai-Do for the Classroom now makes the benefits of martial arts training accessible to teachers and their students through a web-based format. Guided by video instruction from a professional martial artist and fitness educator, students can experience the excitement, power, and focus of Bushintai-Do while at school--without the added preparation for the classroom teacher.

The 25-minute movement lessons can be shortened or lengthened to fit the classroom schedule, or used as structured recess time. In addition, Bushintai-Do for the Classroom includes 5-minute at-the-desk movement breaks that facilitate a positive use of transition times. These "brain breaks" energize students and bring them to a ready-state for learning. Recommended for students in grades 4 to 8, most any classroom can become a martial arts studio and educators can participate and learn alongside their students. See Can martial arts help students with other subjects? - WCAX.COM.


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5% of the profits from Bushintai-Do Programs, Inc. are donated to Winooski (Vermont) School District's Wellness Program,
addressing the health needs of children in grades pre-K through 12.
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