"Bushintai-Do is about more than just belt rank. It is about practicing self-control and strength. It can give you self-confidence. You will be able to defend yourself, but keep it under control."

Zack, age 12

"I like everything about Bushintai-Do. I like sitting and breathing deeply and the action."

Hem, age 14

"Self-control is one of the main things we practice in Bushintai-Do. We do this by doing slow stances and re-doing the same moves over and over again. These moves help me calm myself down. The breathing we do helps me more than all other things we do in this program."

Abdi, age 12

"Bushintai-Do helps you in mind because you remember your moves and you remember when to use them. Bushintai-Do helps you in body because you get more fit and you know how to protect yourself."

A'vry, age 14


Promotions for Bushintai-Do belt ranks may be made at the discretion of a participating educator, in accordance with the attendance, conduct, and proficiency guidelines listed below. Martial arts belts may be awarded, or belt rank may be marked with certificates (available upon request) or other means. White Belt rank will be awarded to all participating students. At the teachers' discretion, a preliminary qualification may be introduced. For example, the white belt may be awarded after the first 3 class credits. Class credit is awarded when the student participates, to the satisfaction of the teacher, in a given practice session. There are 3 stripe levels per belt rank. The stripes match the color of the upcoming rank, for example, yellow stripes on the white belt.

Use the following guidelines for making stripe and belt color promotions:

To be promoted to the first stripe level, a student should:
  • Have 6 class credits
  • Demonstrate relative proficiency in:
    • 1/4 of the required form
    • 1 of the required self-defense techniques
To earn the second stripe level, a student should:
  • Have 6 more class credits
  • Demonstrate relative proficiency in:
    • 1/2 of the required form
    • 2 of the required self-defense techniques
To earn the third stripe level, a student should:
  • Have 6 more class credits
  • Demonstrate relative proficiency in:
    • 3/4 of the required form
    • 3 of the required self-defense techniques
To be promoted to a new belt level, the student should:
  • Have a total of 24 class credits
  • Demonstrate relative proficiency in:
    • All of the required form
    • 4 of the required self-defense techniques

Please note: The class credit requirement doubles at the Green Belt level (12 per stripe) and triples at the Brown Belt level (18 per stripe).

In judging proficiency, participating educators should refer to the video demonstrations, but ultimately use their own judgment. It is important to remember that rank should be accessible enough that students see it as possible to achieve, yet standards should be high enough that the rank retains value in the eyes of the students. Martial arts practitioners should be able to demonstrate qualities such as balance, power, precision, and mental focus in their required movements. But educators should keep in mind that the rank system represents a progression, and as such, the beginning level students will show less of these qualities than the advanced students will. Rank should be used as both an incentive and a standard of performance.


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