"When I first did Bushintai-Do, I could not even do one push-up, but now I can at least do 30. I achieved that because I have the heart to do so. I exercise like I mean it, and not give up. Sometimes it's hard to do anything; some days you have something on your mind or you're just feeling stress. When there is something on my mind, I just do something I like--something that I have a heart for or a connection. When I do Bushintai-Do, I forget what is on my mind, not just the meditation, also the blocks and the different belt forms. I am so focused on the form that I forget all the problems. But just forgetting does not solve everything. It just helps you think better, so you can come up with a solution.

I have a heart for Bushintai-Do because I go out there and do my best."

Bishal, age 13
From his Belt Promotion Essay

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Gina Krol, Teacher
Winooski Middle School
Winooski, Vermont


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